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Network information

Dutch VET-system

On an ongoing basis, ReferNet Netherlands provides up-to-date information on the Dutch vocational education and training system. An updated report on the Dutch VET-system which includes relevant policy developments, is published annually, as well as a concise overview of the Dutch VET System Spotlight on VET in the Netherlands.
Information resources on the Dutch VET system are available via the Menu – Information resources and also provided on request.

Research and policy

ReferNet contributes to a concerted approach of VET research and policy development. Through common exchanges, it provides greater transparency, synergy and dissemination of national and European vocational education and training research. ReferNet also provides topical articles on early school leaving, dual system, teachers, and innnovation in VET.

To collect the most recent information, Cedefop organises surveys addressed to ReferNet and collects information from the Directors General for Vocational Education and Training , the social partner and government representatives in the Advisory Committee for Vocational Training and from Member States and social partners represented in the EU-level working groups on the implementation of the EU tools.

ReferNet’s contribution takes the form of in-depth information on policy developments and trends from the point of view of individual countries. The answers of the network to Cedefop’s questionnaires help illustrate the developments in each country and are the basis for cross-country analyses of trends. The findings of the policy monitoring work are regularly discussed with policy makers, social partners and other stakeholders during their meetings and at Cedefop events. Cedefop’s conference on VET policy (Building European VET – Time to move on) was held in Thessaloniki on 29-30 September 2014.

Read more via Cedefop’s website on policy reporting